Featured Tip:

  • Avoid feeling guilty about spending

    If you've ever felt guilty about spending money, here are five ways you can open up your wallet without opening a giant can of guilt at the same time.


  • New uses for old gadgets

    It seems like electronics makers are constantly bringing us newer, better, and - let's be honest - cooler, products. So after rushing out and standing in line for the latest and greatest, you might be left scratching your head asking


  • Tips for tipping

    Did you know that historically tips were presented at the beginning of meals in a tavern or staying at an Inn? TIPS stands for To Insure Proper/Prompt Service which makes sense for when the act of kindness was introduced. However nowadays, tips are offered after the service is provided. Below are three of the top things to consider when posed with forking over extra cash for fine service.


  • Budget-friendly tech tips

    Technology and shopping go hand-in-hand. We use our computers and smart phones for almost everything, so why not use your favoroite gadgets to help you shop? With this combination, we can get incredible savings and low prices that are friendly to our wallets and our bank accounts.


  • Simple steps for stress-free shopping

    Birthdays and holidays come at the same time every year, so why does gift-giving always seem to sneak up on us? Well, if you're anything like us, right now you're thinking more about bathing-suit options (where can we find the cost-benefit analysis on skirted tankinis versus 6am boot camp, anyhow?) than planning the perfect stocking stuffers. We're here to help.


  • Fantastic ways to spring clean your finances

    You already know spring is the perfect time to reorganize your home. So why not do the same with your finances? We asked 400 shoppers to share their top financial clutter zones and built these tips for de-cluttering, de-stressing and starting fresh:


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