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Every credit program offered by Comenity's banks comes with unique benefits and exclusive offers, bringing you more value when you engage with the brands you love. No matter which cards you carry, you'll receive the following benefits and conveniences:


  • Never pay for fraudulent purchases. Please call us immediately if you lose your card, or if you see any unauthorized charges on your account. Once verified, we will credit these unauthorized amounts.
  • Get free replacement cards in a snap. If you lose your credit card, call the customer care center immediately. To prevent fraudulent activity, we'll put a hold on the account and send you a replacement card within 48 hours, at no cost.
  • Add family members to your account. It's easy to request additional cards through our online account management tool, or by calling our customer care center. We'll send you additional personalized cards, at no cost.
  • Choose payment options to fit your life. Paying your bill shouldn't be a hassle. That's why you can submit your payment via mail, online, and in many cases, right at the store. Learn more.
  • Forgot your card? No problem. You can still use your account and earn benefits. Simply tell the associate you're a cardholder and present valid identification.

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